Monday, August 17, 2009

Toby is Almost Back to His Normal Self at The Lazy Vegan

It is so good to see Toby interested in his toys again! He really seems about back to normal except for the his peeing behavior. The vet wants to see him again in another day if that doesn't improve. He is pretty good about taking his medication, but one of the pills is big and I can't hide it in food- so I've had to do what the vet told me to do- pry open his mouth, stick the pill way back on the tongue and then close his mouth. Poor Toby! I actually successfully did it twice, but on the third try he chomped down on the pill and spit it out. Luckily there aren't too many more days left on that particular medication!
Everyone was interested in the fresh tomatoes.

The pups trudge back to the house.

With my Toby!

Back to his usual routine- whining for the toy or ball to be tossed.

The tomato picker!

I hope everything wrong with Toby gets resolved soon.

Heading down to the garden.

Weegie was in good spirits today.

They sure love their sweet grain. Now that it is cooling down at night it is a good bedtime snack to have.

After their sweet grain, the boys really "feel their oats"!

I usually leave the empty sweet grain pan in the corral at night because I know the boys love to play with it.

Boulder likes to sit on the computer table and play with my glasses.

They're not my really good glasses!