Saturday, August 15, 2009

Toby is Home from the Hospital and Camille's Bridal Shower!

Toby came home from the hospital late this morning and everyone was happy to see him. He's still not quite himself but is much improved. Unfortunately, the vet still doesn't know what the problem is...for now he's on two different types of antibiotics and hopefully that will help clear things up. After I brought him home and watched him settle in, I went off to Camille's bridal shower- it was a beautiful day for one and despite worrying about Toby, I had a great time!
As soon as I took Toby out of his car seat, he made a beeline for one of his balls in the yard.
You can see where his I.V. was!

Photos from Camille's bridal shower- out of order...here she happens to be opening the gift from us- little ice cream (vegan, of course) bowls!

I did a fancy wrapping job. But underneath I used the shipping box, which I guess was probably tacky.

Camille's gift helper- I'm pretty positive her name was Grace.

I love Grace's reaction to this gift!

Lots of cards and gifts to open. Heck, I want a bridal shower!
Grace was a great gift assistant.

Cool napkins/towels!

Beautiful earrings and black top.

The wedding cake knife and server!

The glass to toast with.

Gathering all the gift ribbons.

Some more beautiful jewelry.

An African wedding basket.

Two of the cakes were vegan and were delicious!!

We divided into groups of three and designed bridal dresses- out of toilet paper- and the group I was in won!

There were some clever t.p. bridal dresses.

Toilet paper bridal gowns would be a lot more economical!

Camille takes a quiz about herself!

I liked the decor- very cheery.
Not too much longer till the BIG EVENT!