Sunday, August 23, 2009

Working on the Big Wood Pile and Fixing the Automatic Waterers and Finishing the Barn Interior at The Lazy Vegan

It was a busy day at The Lazy Vegan! We continued to dismantle the big wood pile (which is now becoming much smaller)...my job was to take nails out of the good old redwood pieces of lumber, which the foreman then used to finish off the interior of the donkey barn. The foreman also spent a good portion of the day fixing both donkey automatic waterers...I had to go buy a new one to replace the one in the dining shelter that was beyond repair. The donkeys LOVED watching all this activity and tried to help out!
Solo and Toby helped out with the barn work. Bravo did his part by chasing a neighbor's cat all the way down our driveway.

The donkeys really wanted to help, too- but after a while they were literally in the way- so they were "banished" to the pasture area.

The brand new automatic waterer in the "dining shelter"!

I'll take more photos of this tomorrow- the foreman finished putting all the wood inside and it looks great!

Fixing the pasture automatic waterer.

This is exciting: while at the feed store today, I came across VEGAN dog food! I mixed some of it into the dogs' regular food this evening and they gobbled it up. I would love to have them become vegans- I'm going to consult with my vet first and see how to approach it- a bit at a time.

Boulder was very, very busy napping today.

"Uh, Papa...can't you just go buy a new waterer?"

The foreman tried for a long time to fix the old waterer...

"Papa, I think that's the wrong size wrench for the job..."

Despite getting a lot of help, he was unable to fix it- it is nice having a clean, brand new one.

The donkeys just love this kind of stuff!

The automatic waterer in the pasture has a constant leak, as you can see from the mud. The foreman did fix it and hopefully it will stay.

Toby gets escorted out of the pasture!

He actually growled at Paco.

Bravo suddenly realizes he's not alone!

What a great day for work and play!