Saturday, September 5, 2009

Amazing Donkeys in Morocco and Other Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

A friend of mine emailed me this great article about the donkeys (hard at work) in Morocco- worth reading!


There's a vet there who sees about 100 donkeys a day...and when you see some of the photos of how hard they work, it is no wonder they need to get medical attention. It is hard to imagine what different lives they lead than Paco and Luigi (who have yet to carry ANY load on their little backs!). In other news, today we got a visit from my friend Amy and her friend Marianne- and the donkeys and pups and Boulder were happy to have company, too!
Look at the loads they carry!! And they still have such wonderful cute faces!!

Solo liked Marianne and even let her hold him!

Amy, Toby and Weegie...the same photo twice!

Toby waits for Amy to throw something.

Too bad Bravo and Weegie can't play together- Weegie always chases him out of the corral first!

The donkeys put on a show of displaying their teeth for a while, but then weren't all that interested in being petted.

Even though it really wasn't hot, Toby hopped into the donkey water bucket- which meant I got to drain it and clean it later on!

Luigi helped with the pasture clean-up.

Caught on digital film- the foreman snuggles with Bravo early in the morning!