Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bravo Gets a Piece of Donkey Hoof Caught in his Mouth on the Holiday Weekend at The Lazy Vegan

I love our donkey view from the living room! Today not much went on at The Lazy Vegan...we had a bit of drama when Bravo wandered into the donkey corral and scrounged around for some of the hoof trimmings he's still finding from when the farrier was here- it is really a big thrill for him- he'll find a piece and rush off with it in his mouth to chomp on it like a bone! Except that today he actually got a piece of donkey hoof stuck in his mouth! I thought for sure that it was going to be a Labor Day weekend stint in the vet emergency room- he wasn't choking, but he was gagging and unable to close his mouth normally. I had to spend 20 minutes trying to pry open his mouth and finally with the help of a flashlight, located a small piece of hoof caught on his tooth way back in his mouth. I figured I just saved us a $300.00 vet bill by taking care of it myself! I then went online and signed up for the Red Cross Animal first aid class in October!! It is 4 hours long- at the end of it I'll get a certificate- I should have taken it long ago. Today's mishap was a good reminder!
Boulder gets up from his nap to check out what Toby's up to.

While taking out the recycling, I thought the boys might be interested in the empty cardboard soymilk box...but after some sniffing, they both walked away!
Boulder was checking out the plane.

The foreman takes a short break from moving landscape bark.

Solo was in good spirits today.
The foreman finishes the bark job- for the front of the property!

The foreman also finished putting power underground and out to the knoll top- to use for the upcoming wedding and any other future events!

Bravo takes his chances in the corral...at first I didn't realize he had a hoof piece stuck in his mouth.

But as soon as I zoomed in on him with the camera, I was shocked to see that he couldn't close his mouth! I whisked him up to the house. I'm really glad I'll be learning dog CPR and first aid (the class is for cats, too)!! I'm amazed he didn't bite me while trying to get the hoof piece out- it seemed to take forever. Afterwards he got a treat.

This was before he found the hoof piece. I guess I'm going to have to start cleaning up after the farrier leaves!

Fun and games with Boulder in the kitchen.

I thought Boulder might show some interest in the empty cardboard box- but he had pretty much the same reaction as the donkeys did.

Toby was having a mellow day- here he relaxes in the leaves.