Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting Back to Normal at The Lazy Vegan

The day after the wedding turned out to be just as hot if not hotter...and it was odd to suddenly have the property empty! The umbrellas and tables were still around long enough to pretend our place was a little resort, and now we're all back to normal. It was a great event and I'm looking forward to the next!
Bravo was happy to be home to shed all over and hop up on the kitchen table and do his usual routine!

The foreman (a.k.a. "the Reverend) relaxes on the front terrace.

Boulder came out of hiding and seems to be totally fine now.

Morning time at the "resort"...the rental company had a big job ahead of them loading everything back up!

At brunch with the wedding party- here the groom's sister holds the cute baby of a friend.

Discussing the big day!
I put the camera on self-timer and took this photo of me relaxing at "the resort".

Toby seemed clueless about all the tables and umbrellas...but all the dogs were happy to spend time sniffing for remnants of the vegan lunch that was served!

From last night, holding a bouquet that was left behind.

Yummy vegan cake and vegan lunch leftover in the fridge!

The caterers left all the dirty dishes, etc. for the rental company to pick up- and probably didn't realize that they were blocking my access to the sweet grain. So Paco & Weegie had to go without for a day. They didn't seem to notice- they had such a great time watching the wedding crowd.

Toby wondered what in the heck went on while he spent the day at doggie daycare at the vet!