Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Drew & Cleaning the Pasture & Hanging the Chandelier at The Lazy Vegan

Happy 11th Birthday to my nephew, Drew! We hope he had an excellent birthday with many more most excellent birthdays to come!
It is hard to believe that Drew is eleven!

It was another working day at The Lazy Vegan today, with final preparations for the big wedding that will be held here in just days! Claire came over again to help and today we cleaned the pasture while the donkeys helped. Then the bride & groom came by with a chandelier to hang from the big pine tree for the ceremony...it looks beautiful and all is set for a great day!
A sign for the wedding is hung by the garden.

The chandelier from afar.

The "Reverend" and the Bride & Groom practice for the ceremony.

So cute!

Getting it all right.

On the actual day, this will all be in the shade.

It took quite a while to get the height of the chandelier just so.

The groom makes some adjustments.

Claire washes down the donkey fencing.

What fun!

It was worth the effort- it looks wonderful!

The groom hands the chandelier up.

Carrying it from the car. I got carried away with photos of the chandelier project!

The soon to be newlyweds!

The donkeys absolutely loved seeing Claire as part of the pasture clean-up crew today!

They were very busy helping.

Claire found out how hard it can be to clean a pasture with two donkeys following you around!

And then BOTH Paco & Luigi decided to help out by unloading some fresh manure!

Claire was right there to scoop it up- while Paco watched...he's figured out what the pasture clean-up is all about!

There's always time for a pet and chat with the donkeys!

I've been wondering what all the mooing was about on the ranch across the way- and today I found out: a calf was born!

Boulder wasn't sure what to make of the new chandelier!