Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day & Happy Birthday to Deb at The Lazy Vegan!

It was a day of labor on Labor Day at The Lazy Vegan today- we moved a wood pile, spread out more landscape bark, drained and fixed the fountain (the foreman did), cut down a tree (the foreman again), emptied the old chicken coop and put all the donkey supplies in it and other misc. fun stuff!
Today is also Deb's 69th birthday! Happy birthday, Deb!!
I certainly hope Deb did NOT have a day of labor on Labor Day and her birthday!!
I took the hat from Randy's birthday into the corral to see if the donkeys were interested in trying it on- but after much investigation, they decided they wanted nothing to do with it- even though I had carefully cut out holes for their long ears!

Instead, they were pretty curious when I wore it!

I hung it on the barn, and they had to talk among themselves about it for a while.

Paco almost let me put it on his head...I'm sure in time he will.
Weegie was pretty interested in sniffing it.

You can see where I pretty much ruined the hat by cutting ear holes!
Trying to get Paco to think about wearing the hat!

But even with the foreman around, he just wasn't interested.

Here's how Boulder spent 80% of his Labor Day.

The foreman was at work non-stop today!

I took a break with the pups.

Relaxing in the morning sun on the window seat.

How Toby generally starts his day!

Toby and Bravo visit the foreman while he takes his morning hot tub soak.