Friday, September 4, 2009

The Holiday Weekend Begins at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder is very happy about the upcoming Labor Day weekend- for no apparent reason other than it is another opportunity to lounge and nap! I definitely noticed a holiday atmosphere on the roads while driving today- lots more cars and speeding. It was great to come home to the slower pace at The Lazy Vegan (if you call living with three Jack Russell terriers "slow"!). Our holiday weekend plans include moving landscape bark around...pretty darn exciting!
I call these next few photos "Boulder and the...boulder!"

He's such a great subject to photograph!

"Hey, Weegie! Maybe Mama will have a special holiday hat or treat for us this weekend!"

Lately I've been going out to the corral pretty early in the morning- like before 5 a.m. (when Boulder wakes up the entire household)...and I've been waking up the donkeys, which is really one of the top five cutest things I've ever seen in my life! They yawn and stretch and make a big deal of getting up before heading over to the hay feeder. I would photograph it but it is too dark!

Toby seems back to normal once again. I have been slipping him extra treats ever since the day he refused to eat.

I love his expression!

Relaxing on the couch- unfortunately Bravo is back to his old routine of sitting on the back cushion- he did this for years with our old couch and made a permanent slouch in it! I'm not sure how to keep him off of this one. Of course, it isn't sending quite the right message to him by taking a photo of it!

Boulder's noon nap spot. Solo was the most active of the crew today- he did a lot of solo wandering.