Monday, September 14, 2009

New Landscape Rocks on a Brilliant Sun & Cloud Day at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder approves of the new landscape rock at The Lazy Vegan!
After some morning rain, the day turned out to be one of those wonderful crisp days with a brilliant blue sky and fluffy white clouds...the perfect day to clean windows, which is what I worked on- and to design a new landscape area, which is what the foreman did. Early this morning I thought for sure I was going to be heading to the vet with Toby. He started to display some of the same symptoms he had when he was really sick about a month ago, and refused to eat. But then late in the afternoon he suddenly perked up and ate some treats and then all of his dinner. I can't figure it out...my intuition tells me he has something going on that may be quite serious, and I'm hoping we can take the time to figure it out after the big wedding is over at The Lazy Vegan. And not to be outdone: Bravo came down with a bad case of some kind of rash- so I have a vet appointment for him on Wednesday. Never a dull moment- that's our motto around here!
After a sluggish morning, Toby picked up his pace in the afternoon- just in time to play ball!

Boulder naps standing up.

Toby stands in front of part of the new rock.

The foreman is creating a new pathway that we'll get gravel for.

Inspecting the new path.

Checking out the lines.
Making every rock perfect.

Believe it or not, the rock in the back of the truck weighed in at 1.3 tons!

A cozy moment.

Toby suddenly is himself again.

Bravo stole the toy within seconds.
Despite being an itchy little terrier, he was still up to his old tricks.

These dust bath photos are from the other day- I was sitting at the kitchen table when I looked out and saw the boys taking their "baths". I zoomed in with the camera and got these photos. I love being able to see the donkeys from the house!

Paco is really kicking up his donkey heels!

Weegie loves Paco. And Paco loves Weegie!