Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Terrific Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

Another terrific Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan...and a great day to add yet more landscape rock and gravel to the property! The Ford 250 is really getting a workout with the second day in a row of hauling 1+ tons. (And the foreman is also getting to build more muscle by heaving each rock- mini boulders, really- one by one from the wire cage onto the ground below). I spent the day cleaning windows again, which is never a satisfying job for me...it seems no matter what products I use I always end up with streaks. At first, the glass looks fantastic- until any bit of sunlight filters through. Still, the windows are looking better than they were- and are pawprint-free, a rarity!
Solo is so excited about all the new rocks that he just had to let loose with one of his famous little howls.

Boulder doesn't care how many more rocks (or mini "Boulders"!) are delivered...he'll continue to nap through just about anything.

Just part of the foreman's new rock work.
Heaving the rock from the wire cage in the truck.
Lot of relaxation going on with the animal crew.

The rock again. Darn- I forgot to take a photo of the huge pile of gravel that was delivered! The blog reader will just have to imagine it. Tall, wide and gray.

We were honored today- as were all the animals - to receive a visit from our great office manager, who shall remain nameless because I forgot to ask his permission to post his photo on the blog (and hence the world wide web)!
Weegie stepped right up to get petted.

Trudging up the barren hillside.
I think that the foreman and the nameless manager rather look alike- they could be brothers!

No, these are not my donkeys- but I found this hilarious photo of two other donkeys taking their dust baths and laughed so hard at the form! I've seen Paco and Luigi in some pretty ridiculous positions, but this one really takes the vegan cake!