Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Thursday Before the Labor Day Weekend at The Lazy Vegan

It was a beautiful early evening with what looks to be a full moon appearing at The Lazy Vegan today- the perfect time to go over wedding logistics for the wedding we're hosting here in just a few weeks! I've purposely given the wedding little coverage here on the blog for privacy reasons...but now that we're getting closer to the actual date, I'll start recording some pre-wedding events. Barbara, a.k.a. the Wedding Planner, came this evening to scope out the layout and to help with details- and she knows a lot about the details!! Paco and Luigi did their part by running and playing on the sidelines while the pups tried their best to be annoying and underfoot! Boulder was off by himself for most of the time- which is probably what he'll do on the big day!
The bride and the wedding planner discuss details.

While the foreman (a.k.a. the reverend) and the groom figure things out.

I managed to remember to ask to have my photo taken!
A lot of logistics to discuss!

It was all a bit much for Boulder, who wondered why his dinner was so late.

Likewise with the donks- they came into the corral to give me a hint!

Hard to imagine a big crowd in this spot.

The terriers were pretty interested.

Toby did some of his tricks!

At one point this odd hang-glider type of aircraft flew by!
Going over the ceremony with snacks.

Earlier in the day, Boulder was snoozing away.
Beautiful butterfly on the inside of the kitchen window - I took a photo and then opened up the window to let him or her out!