Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Toby the Wonder Dog and the New Goodwill Store

The tomatoes are booming in the garden!
I've decided to start calling Toby the "Wonder Dog" because of his ability to suddenly completely recover from ailments! Yesterday he refused to eat anything. I didn't even see him drink water. And early this morning it was the same thing- no appetite. I was all set to call the vet when I decided to try chopping up some vegan apple-sage sausages to add to his food- and lo and behold, it did the trick! He ate it and looked for more. Then he decided he wanted to eat everything I offered. Go figure! Toby the Wonder Dog. In other pretty exciting news, a new Goodwill store opened in Sebastopol- just around the corner from the office. Since I've overdone the thrift store thing in the past (buying too many clothes), I don't plan on stopping by this one frequently- but since it was the grand opening, I met Snap there on the way home. We were in there maybe 5 or 10 minutes and I managed to find a skirt and blouse...with what I consider high end labels: CP Shades (the skirt) and Free People (the blouse). I know what both retail for brand new, and I got them for $3.99 each! I plan on wearing them both tomorrow- stay tuned for my Goodwill outfit photo!

I had to go see the donkeys at lunch during their nap time!

Sometimes Weegie naps standing up- he makes adorable little noises!

I don't know how they can stand napping in the full sun, but they don't seem to mind it.

After eating some good meals, Toby was back to the ball!

While moving landscaping bark around, the foreman found the one last missing Easter egg from the hunt months ago!

My receipt for the skirt and blouse!

We look like some professional thrift store people (well, hopefully NOT!).

The "Free People" blouse...

And the "CP Shades" skirt...and here's the outfit together, below. When I bought them I didn't think of wearing them together. That's what I love about thrift stores- the element of surprise!

The photo doesn't do the skirt justice- it is a pretty gray shiny fabric.