Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Warm to Hot Thursday at The Lazy Vegan

The day started off warm and then really heated up at The Lazy Vegan. In the photo above, Paco took a rare siesta apart from Weegie, who was hanging out a short distance away, waiting for carrot treat time to begin. The boys seem pretty darn content despite the fact that any grass left in their pasture is very brown. I remember obsessing about it being this way last year- but as soon as the rains came, everything did turn green again!
Sometimes the donkeys are still sleeping when I see them in the early morning. They both make funny sighing noises when they're sleeping.
Boulder, king of the computer table and more!
Boulder and Bravo "play-fighting".
Bravo always gets some good swats in.

Bravo looks terrifying, but he really is playing!

Boulder is pretty relaxed about the play-fighting.

Today the bride & groom came over along with the wedding planner, the florist and the caterer- to go over wedding day details. Two bi-planes flew over while we were all outside- which is funny, because the last time a wedding crew was here, an unusual plane went by, too!

On the actual wedding day, no cars will be parked here.

Lots of details to iron out.

Measuring for tables and chairs.

Getting married is serious business!

Paco meets the bride!

She told him that his eyeliner was perfect!

The foreman (a.k.a. the reverend) was only here briefly before heading off to meet a client.

The groom takes it all in.

Just about two weeks to go till the big day!