Monday, September 21, 2009

Working Away at The Lazy Vegan

It is hard to believe that we had anything left on the property to go to the dump- but with Claire's help today we managed to fill one more truckload! Here Claire carries the vintage t.v. antenna that was on one of the oak trees for probably thirty years. The foreman continued his pergola project, and I continued crossing off items on my cleaning to-do list...it was a working day at The Lazy Vegan!

Blog postings will be short and spotty till a week or so...stay tuned!

All kinds of fun junk items, including lots of very heavy tile headed to the dump.

The progression of the pergola!

When he's done with the design, the foreman will stain the wood and some day will plant a vine to grow over the whole thing.

Boulder wasn't all that interested in the pergola.

After a very long nap upstairs, Boulder finally headed down in the late afternoon to greet Claire.

The groom came by today with the paper guest napkins for the bathroom on wedding day...he put the box in the cabin, and it must have been there just long enough for this little lizard to slip in- Claire discovered him hours later (it must have taken him that long to climb up the side of the box!) and we released him outside!
Poor little guy was probably pretty dismayed to find himself trapped in a box of guest towels!