Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day to Play at The Lazy Vegan

Wasabi likes to touch noses with the foreman now!
It was a beautiful day today! The perfect day to play and cut down some huge oak branches, which is what the foreman did. I'm saving those photos for tomorrow's blog posting. We also did a bit of fence rearranging, which always makes the donkeys pretty excited- they love to check out new changes! Wasabi spent most of the day by herself upstairs, sleeping- but in a few moments we'll be heading up there for some quality rabbit time. Hopefully soon she'll feel comfortable enough being in a room downstairs, where we can see her more often. I still have moments of doubt that it will work to keep her permanently because of the dogs- but there's NO doubt that we're very attached to her- so since we have her for months, anyhow, we're going to try our hardest to make it all work! Her latest thing now is doing an excited run around while shaking her head- so cute. I have to try to get a video soon!
Playing in the leaves on the driveway.

Bravo and the big stick.

Super pup!

The foreman heads down to do some fence adjusting.

The donkeys LOVE change!

Every once in a while Toby has to charge into the pasture for one of his balls.

Those ears!!

I think she's starting to put on some weight here at The Lazy Vegan.

Boulde and Wasabi hang out for the second time. This time Boulder had to give Wasabi a little swipe "warning" to back off, which she did.

She loves to follow Boulder around!

Getting extra special attention.

Grooming time.

Stretch-out time.

Getting very comfortable watching t.v. with the foreman! She loves the routine!