Friday, October 16, 2009

Boulder Meets Wasabi at The Lazy Vegan

We had a very, very successful meeting of the rabbit and the cat today!!! We're discovering we have a fairly fearless bunny on our hands. We put Wasabi in her pen (we've been reading how to first introduce other animals...and all the books say to have the bunny secure first) and brought Boulder upstairs. He was pretty intrigued, to say the least. And Wasabi went right up to sniff him- she didn't hide once. Not only that, but once we let her out of the pen, she eventually came right up to Boulder and sniffed him and then gave one of her signature thumps!! Boulder was really interested in all of this but the great news is that he remained calm. Wasabi even ate her dinner in front of him. Her behavior was nothing like I've been reading about in the books- I expected her to be at least skittish...but she was just curious! The next big hurdle will be introducing the dogs- we're going to wait a while to do that. We're very pleased with how well the cat & bunny introduction went!

It helped to have the foreman right there. Wasabi is SO connected to him already and she could go to him for protection if needed.

I had expected Wasabi to go huddle in her little basket tent bed, but she didn't hesitate to come right up to check Boulder out!

I think she even wanted to play!

We found out that Wasabi is an English spot mix, and the rabbit lady at the Humane Society said that they are "fiesty & intelligent" and if any breed of rabbit would work with dogs and a cat, this one would.

See her outstretched back leg? Getting ready for a THUMP!

She casually chomped away at her salad while Boulder watched.

Of course, we're not going to let them hang out without supervision!
I think Boulder might be secretly happy to have a new friend!

Solo enjoys the beautiful day.

The donks arrive just in time to usher Bravo out of their corral.
That's green grass coming up!!

The foreman and Bravo work on putting in the new automatic waterer.

Afternoon snack time. I read that rabbits like to forage for their food, so you should stick hay into things that make them work a bit to get it out.

We're discovering that she loves to rearrange towels!

She's really claimed the futon.

I think Solo will like Wasabi, too. I worry about Bravo and Toby. One step at a time!

The foreman relaxes with the remote control and the rabbit!