Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bunny Settles in at The Lazy Vegan

It has been quite the transformation in just three days for the little bunny I rescued from an outdoor cage! "Wasabi" (as we call him/her) is becoming much more curious about his/her surroundings. After the first night spent in the cabin, I bought him inside and set up a nice area upstairs, far away from the dogs. It is pretty obvious that three Jack Russell terriers are not going to be a good mix with a rabbit...so dear Wasabi is on the wait-list for adoption at the Humane Society. This is a long wait list just to get ON the adoption list, so that means we'll be taking care of a little bunny for a long time- probably months. So today I bought some more bunny supplies, including a little house that he seems to really love. And I made an appointment to have him looked at this Friday by the Humane Society's rabbit vet. Then we'll know for sure whether Wasabi is a he or a she! I'm definitely smitten, but am also being a realist- the more I research about bunnies as pets, the best situation is one where they can roam around the entire house- and that will really never be possible here. For now we'll just have to enjoy Wasabi as long as we get to keep him/her!
Very busy exploring! This morning around 5:30 a.m. it sounded like Wasabi was getting ready for the olympics- lots of running and hopping around!

Wasabi loves the new little hut I bought at the Humane Society store. I saw two large rooms filled with bunnies ready for adoption, so it was easy to see why I am on the wait list. They were all adorable, and I noticed that over half of them were "owner relinquished".

I met a wonderful volunteer couple at the Humane Society- I picked the right time to walk in, because they were sitting on a bench with two bunnies! They gave me tons of advice and their phone number along with a "Bunny 101" info guide.

I have a lot of reading to do.

Branch bites!

Bunny toy!

A great little hay dispenser toy.

All the items I bought today, including a tiny salt lick and mineral block and litter pan. Believe it or not, Wasabi only goes potty in the pan! I had heard that bunnies are easy to train to use a litter box, and it is true!

Geese at sunset.

Boulder dines outdoors next to the brand new automatic waterer I got for the donkeys.

Tonight we'll probably introduce Boulder to Wasabi. We're still waiting on the dogs. It is not uncommon for bunnies to get so scared that they literally die of a heart attack from fright!

Bravo follows me upstairs every time I go to see Wasabi, but I don't let him in. He doesn't quite get that!