Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Enjoying the Sunny Fall Days at The Lazy Vegan

Wasabi poses in the pillows...well, what are now HER pillows on the futon upstairs!
We're enjoying the beautiful weather at The Lazy Vegan! I'm sure Wasabi would like to go outside as soon as she's settled in more. We'd take her out in her pen, of course. Last night I dreamt that we took her outside with all the animals and she ran off. This is the first "anxiety dream" I've had about Wasabi (I have certainly had my share of anxiety dreams for all the other animals!). In the dream, we were frantic looking for her in the dark...and then we finally found her, and she was happy to see us. I woke up thinking that this little rabbit is carefully working her way into our home and hearts! The foreman spends a lot of quality time with her in the evening, and I'm headed upstairs as soon as I finish this posting. I'm hoping that the dogs will eventually get used to the idea that they might have a permanent bunny sister, just as they once got used to the fact that we had hens running around on the property!
Boulder came smack up the camera!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again- Boulder now spends 90% of his time sleeping. I know this is what old cats do, and I remember Valentine doing this in her last year of life. So I talk to him quite a bit about "the other side" (as if I know anything about it). I actually tell him that no matter where he goes, he'll still be with us and we'll still be with him. And I say this out loud!

The evening dinner time stare-down!

The crows do their nightly calls.

Another old fellow at The Lazy Vegan!

Paco stuck his neck through the fence to get a closer look at Bravo today. They sniffed noses for a long time. Pretty cute!

Weegie snacks on the cypress tree.

Miss Wasabi snacks on her hay.

Hopping effortlessly off the futon!

Munching on hay on the bench. The hay is getting all over the place!

What an expressive mouth!

Basking in the spotlight of the lamp.

This tree really gets munched on by the donks!

Weegie has been especially cute lately- I think he is super happy that the grass is growing back!