Friday, October 30, 2009

The Friday Before Halloween at The Lazy Vegan

"I told you to check the calendar first, Ralph!!! We're still too early for the vegan Thanksgiving!"

The turks keep coming around in groups lately as if they're expecting a celebration or something- but they're too early for our vegan Thanksgiving! I'll have to make sure to put out some extra chairs when the time comes! This year I am completely unprepared for Halloween. I haven't taken any Halloween photos yet but did come up with some costume ideas for the donkeys- so stay tuned for some photos tomorrow (hopefully they'll be in the mood to try stuff on!). The foreman continued to clear away trees and brush today while Wasabi spent the afternoon in the kitchen, being a brave bunny among the rest of the loud and obnoxious crew. By the time the evening came, she was very happy to join the foreman upstairs to watch basketball. I told the foreman she needs a little bunny sporty baseball cap - she watches so many sports!
Weegie informs the turks that they'll have to return in November.
"Darn it! Why do we always have to wait for the donkey to tell us when something is?"

The foreman grooms the property.
He's done a remarkable job, as usual!

Bravo goes airborne.

Everyone is really become more and more relaxed around one another!

Yet ANOTHER organic, gourmet salad!

Bravo is the only dog who retains any interest. Solo & Toby just go about their usual business with the bunny around.

Today Paco chased Toby out of the pasture and he must have stepped on Toby's tail or paw- there was a loud yelp from poor Toby! I quickly employed my newly-acquired dog first-aid knowledge and checked him out for any broken bones!
So intent were the boys on grazing today, they didn't notice the absence of carrot treat time!

Wasabi cleans up after dinner. She is so cute when she cleans herself- she takes a long time and even uses her front paws to bend her ears forward for a good cleaning!
Definitely a member of the family now.

She loves to play with piles of towels, and she's really making her mark on them!

Solo's happy to have a look-alike in the house.

Investigating part of the recycle pile.

Upstairs in her home base "warren"!