Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Ready for a New Season at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie helps himself to some grape leaves in the garden!
Got my old editing system back for the blog- it may be slower than the new, updated one, but I like it better! We're getting ready for a new season here at The Lazy Vegan. Time to get some pumpkins for decor and gear up for rain. Also time to order more hay- I can't believe how fast we went through all those bales- I have hungry donkeys! Hopefully with the rain the grass will start growing back soon. In other news, we have a little Houdini on our hands....Bravo has been "escaping" from the den at night on a regular basis. Before the big wedding here, the foreman took off the baby gate that was attached to the entrance of the den (which has no door) where the pups sleep each night. The reason we put a gate up is because otherwise they'd have the run of the house each night- not a great idea for Jack Russell terriers- they'd probably be figuring out how to get into the fridge while we're sound asleep! Anyway, the foreman took the baby gate - which was attached to the wall - off because we didn't want people to think that our lives were over-taken by animals (which, of course, is 100% true). I've been using a temporary gate instead, and propping a chair against the wall to keep it in place. Bravo figured out pretty quickly that he could push the gate and squeeze through. The first time he did this, he helped himself to Boulder's full bowl of cat food before hopping up on our bed to snuggle down for the rest of the night. I then tried a series of other ways of keeping the gate up, including using two chairs and a stack of books. This will keep him in until about 4 a.m.- and then I wake up to hear the relentless scratching of his paws against the metal gate until he finally breaks through and charges through the house, very pleased with himself!! So I think it is time for the foreman to put up the permanent gate again. The poor foreman is back to his usual list of Lazy Vegan chores, which also includes once again fixing the automatic waterer- this time there's a split in the hose attachment. There's never a lack of work at The Lazy Vegan!

Little Houdini and Toby zoom off to play.

Houdini eyes the open window.

The foreman successfully gave Weegie his worming medicine today- I gave it to Paco yesterday, but Weegie refused to take it from me.

The foreman pals around with the donkeys.

"Uh, Papa! I don't like the taste of this worming medicine"! Weegie made some funny faces afterwards.

Getting a hug.

Lining up for a treat- Weegie had the medicine in his.

Where, oh where is the grass? I'm really hoping it comes around soon.

Boulder gets cozy and contemplates calling room service for a snack.

I love the back feet sticking out!

Solo had a little burst of energy today!

Toby is always energetic.

It takes a while for Solo to get over the rocks. Usually he'll take the long way around.
All I have to do is say the words "sweet grain" and the boys come running!

Our next Lazy Vegan project will be fencing in this area for the donks.

A very loud squawker is hoping for some leftover sweet grain!