Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny...at The Lazy Vegan

Who knew that bringing a bunny into the household would cause such a transformation? It is a bit like having a baby in the house, with the gate up and assorted toys spread around and keeping the dogs away. For now, and maybe permanently, we're sticking with the name "Wasabi", and are calling her "Wabi" for short...an abbreviated version of "Wabbi", which was the first name we were calling her. Wabasi is great! She's very curious and has explored the upstairs- she'll wander around and then dash back to her pen and little hut. We're calling her our "one-day-at-a-time" bunny, since we still don't know how this will all work out. It is too soon to introduce her to her canine, feline & equine brothers! But for now we're thoroughly enjoying her company. I had no idea rabbits were so much fun!
Wasabi's grandma Snap brought her some empty egg cartons; cage-free eggs, of course. Wasabi loves to chew on cardboard.

Doesn't it look like she's settling in?

We love her markings- she looks like she has little eyebrows.

Morning with Wasabi.

I couldn't help but noticed that "O'Hare" was the name of one of the golf players!
Now empty cardboard boxes have a new meaning to me! I cut little holes in this one and Wasabi took right to it.

She likes going over to crawl on the foreman.
Getting a little snack.

Too cute!

I spent some quality time with the donks this morning when they were taking a sleepy-time break. I sat down with Paco and he put his head in my lap and let out a huge sigh!

The donks know there's enough love to go around for everyone at The Lazy Vegan...just as long as they still get their share of hay and carrots!

The turkeys are back! I haven't seen them in months.

Bravo is the only one of the zoo crew who seems especially jealous. He keeps trying to break down the gate we have up and has succeeded in getting through more than once. So it is going to take extra work to introduce him to Wasabi.

I have a feeling that Boulder will end up enjoying the company of a rabbit.

Solo seems totally fine with the idea, too.I love the Fall colors.

I've read that people take their pet rabbits on walks with a little harness and leash. Maybe in time this will work for us. Right now we're content- and more importantly, Wasabi seems content- to stay upstairs and have lots of visiting time!