Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peaceful Thursday for Animals to Lounge Around at The Lazy Vegan

The foreman has cleared a bunch of tree limbs and debris on the side of the property...it looks great!
It was a warm and peaceful day for the animals to do what they usually do during the day: lounge around! The donkeys took an extra long morning nap and Boulder seemed to fall asleep while standing up. Even though all the rabbit books say that rabbits sleep during the day, Wasabi was probably the most active of the bunch- she gets particularly active at 5 a.m. when it sounds like she's training for the bunny olympics! The dogs all got baths- Toby also got a haircut- and their flea treatments...so we're good to go for another month!
We have to chuckle at some of her looks!

Lounging in her special willow tent.

Celebrating Halloween a couple of days early!

As soon as I showed her the pumpkin, she stuck out her big teeth and took a big bite!

She soon decided that her toy was more interesting.

Spotted in the pasture: "beached" donkeys!

I love their white bellies!
Weegie looks good in front of the house.

Paco always sighs when I take photos of them napping!
Never more than ten feet apart from one another.

Boulder caught snoozing while standing up.