Sunday, October 11, 2009

Relaxing with a Rabbit on a Cold Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

What a wonderful day to hang out with a bunny...it looked like rain all day today, so it was perfect to stay indoors. The dogs & cat lounged downstairs while Wasabi raced around and explored upstairs. The donkeys were happy to wander around the pasture in what is probably the last full day before a few days of rain. It turns out that Wasabi doesn't sleep that much during the day (unlike what the internet says about rabbits)...but maybe that's because we've been spending time with her. She is very inquisitive and comical. I hope we can make it work permanently to have her live with us! By the way, dear blog reader, we're open to suggestions still for a name replacement for "Wasabi"...ever since we found out we had a girl bunny, Wasabi doesn't seem quite right. So pass along some new ideas!
Boulder isn't that excited about going outdoors when it is cold. That didn't prevent him from wanting out at 4:00 a.m., however. Right after Bravo woke up and decided he needed to go out, too! It is an early-rising household- for most of us- at The Lazy Vegan.

This is Toby's lazy way of playing with his ball- he'll drop it, watch it roll down the driveway a bit and then will trot after it.

Dinner time!! Fresh romaine and mixed lettuce, cilantro, a bit of Italian parsley and sprouts!

I hope grass grows back soon. Otherwise the pasture is going to be a huge mud pit this year.

Wasabi got a red mark on her- we think from sitting on one of our laps- I believe it is a bit of Indian curry sauce!
She eats hay one strand at a time.

Discovering the electrical cords behind the futon! The foreman had to get to work this afternoon on putting them in unreachable spots.
Watching golf with the rabbit.
Hopping around on the futon!

She looks great on orange.

Very eager to reach out and say hi!

I tried to clean off the rest of her dirty backside from when she was in that filthy cage- but not much came off. Her back paws are actually stained from dirt/feces from that terrible cage. One website suggested getting baby wipes to clean off rabbit's feet- so that's what I'll do.

Using the litter box! As strange as it may sound, you're supposed to put hay in the litter box on top of the litter (which is shredded paper)...rabbits actually like to eat while they do their business!

Relaxing in one of her cardboard houses.

I bought a rabbit brush. Rabbits need to be brushed once in a while so they don't ingest too much of their own fur when grooming.

Bunny blur!

Racing from one cardboard home to the other.

Nap time!