Thursday, October 8, 2009

Smitten with Wasabi at The Lazy Vegan

Today we discovered that if we get down on Wasabi's level, he will venture closer to us...he even sat still while I kissed his little head! And he made the teeth grinding noise when I petted him, which is the rabbit's version of a cat's purr. Tomorrow we'll discover if he is really a she. In the meantime, we continue to think of our time with Wasabi as being foster parents. The other animals are definitely letting it be known that they still insist on their fair share of attention. The donkeys have been doing slightly unusual things...for instance, today Paco stared up at the house and hee-hawed, even though I had just given them their hay. And they both decided to pee right next to their automatic waterer, which I have NEVER seen them do. (Maybe they're literally trying to show me that they're a tad "pissed" that my attention has been elsewhere!). Boulder has also been letting it be known that he's still around. Right now he just hopped up on my lap and is insisting on being petted, which is a bit hard to do when I'm trying to type. Anyway, one day at a time with the rabbit...we'll see what the vet has to report!
Wasabi does this comical thing where he'll suddenly just flop down.

I love his facial markings.

Banished from upstairs by blocking both the stair entrance and keeping the upstairs door closed!

I'm trying not to get too attached. But is is hard.

He (or she) seems like a very special bunny. We were actually wondering if he/she had come from a nicer home before living in the terrible cage when I found him. Or her. That would explain why he is litter-trained.

I gave the boys extra carrots, just so they would know that Wasabi wasn't getting them all.

Toby still acts 100% normal with a guest in the house.

Peeing by the automatic waterer is just so weird- I've never seen this before!

Of all the dogs, I think Solo would actually get along with Wasabi...they match!

Big hay delivery today, along with pine shavings and bales of straw for the upcoming rain...which means mud in the corral!

Wasabi definitely is getting a routine down. Very busy in the early morning and evening.

What a mug!

Hanging out at lunch time.

Love the back feet!