Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Rain, Some Sun at The Lazy Vegan

The donkeys had some sun to hang out in and let their coats dry today- but we still had plenty of rain in the morning. I decided to go for my run on the track instead of the roads for safety. The rain wasn't bad to run in, but the track had tons of worms making their way across! I didn't want to step on any of them, so I did a funny zig-zag run and was happy that I was the only one out there so nobody saw me! Wasabi continues to get comfortable at The Lazy Vegan. She's really becoming quite the "Daddy's girl". This evening she gave me a little surprise nip when I sat down on the futon next to her and the foreman! Not sure what that was all about. I told her that nipping is a sure-fire way to remain on that wait list for the adoption list! After that she came up to me to be petted!
An early evening visitor!

Ugh- Toby brought over a soaked fluffy dog toy- my least favorite kind to toss!

After dinner exercise time.

The donkeys slip and slide in the mud but still manage to play!

Wasabi got a new "Timber" house today. She spent a long time sitting next to it before venturing inside.

Also a little corn on the cob toy that she likes to pick up and toss.
Relaxing with the foreman.
Dinner time! I took a video of her eating today, but unfortunately I cannot process videos anymore with my new memory cards on my new camera- very frustrating. I'll have to figure it out so I can post a Wasabi video soon!
Tonight's dinner included romaine lettuce, green collards, Italian parsley, & basil.