Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Sunday for the Birds at The Lazy Vegan

It was a great day for bird watching at The Lazy Vegan...from dawn to dusk! Lots of flying critters around- the foreman can identify all of them. I just call them all CUTE! We had another relaxing day today that included planting and repairing and baking along with the bird watching. The pups were all lazy. Right before sitting down to type this, I noticed that Solo has a tick on the front of his paw- a very odd location- so I'll be tending to that as soon as I'm finished with this!
At dusk- in fact, just a few minutes ago, these little guys all lined up on the oak tree.

The foreman worked on repairing the gate to the garbage area today.

While I baked zucchini bread from some zukes from our garden.

I bought swiss chard to add to the garden.

And the foreman bought this cool new plant that he planted near the cabin.

Loved seeing the clouds today!

Boulder in what is becoming a rare moment awake- he spends so much time napping now.

The donkeys were quite intrigued with activity across the way. I don't know if I mentioned on the blog that there are TWO adorable calves on the ranch across from us- today we saw them running and playing.

The foreman in his birding perch.

With his helper.

I must say- the birds around The Lazy Vegan are very well-fed!

I believe these are the Cedar Waxwings.

Cute pair!

I love their little mask around their eyes!