Thursday, October 22, 2009

There's a Bunny in the Kitchen at The Lazy Vegan!

Today we had a bit a of bunny breakthrough when we took Wasabi down to the kitchen to hang out for a few hours. This way she could see, hear and smell the dogs in the living room and they could see, hear and smell her! The "problem child" was Bravo, which was not surprising. But after a while he calmed down a bit and everyone went pretty much about their usual routine. Wasabi became especially relaxed when the foreman came home and spent some quality time with her on the kitchen floor! After dinner he took her back up to her "warren" upstairs, where they are both now watching baseball...Wasabi is becoming quite a sports fan!
She is SUCH a "Papa's girl" that it isn't even funny.

After being reprimanded one time too many, Bravo decided to hang out on the staircase by himself.

Here's what Wasabi got to look at- dogs peering in! She spent a lot of time in her little tent at first but eventually came out to have a brave look around.

Even felt comfortable enough to do her biz in the litter box!

All the dogs were wearing their bark collars, so it was relatively quiet.

Oh, behold the GREEN GRASS!
The turks are coming back daily now for visits.

Getting some extra ear petting.

With "Saab"- another of her nicknames.

The foreman tried to take a quick power nap, but it is almost impossible to do with Wasabi around- she "thumps" as soon as he drifts off!

Queen of the futon.

Back in her "warren", hanging out with Boulder.

Bedtime for all the pups in the den! I spent extra time with the donkeys today but forgot to take my camera with me. I cleaned out their barn and gave them their carrots and told them that maybe some day they'll meet the bunny!