Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Warm & Wonderful Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco was all smiles (and hee-haws) today!
It was a beautiful warm day at The Lazy Vegan today! We took Wasabi down to the kitchen to spend the day, which is turning out to be a great way for dogs and bunny to get used to one another. With the safety of the pen up, she could explore the kitchen and play with her toys while the dogs watched from a distance. Toby & Solo pretty much ignore her now, but Bravo is still fascinated and spends a lot of time whining. But eventually, everyone should get used to the routine! Wasabi had a visitor today- Claire came to meet her! Wasabi showed off by tossing a few toys around and impressing Claire with one of her trademark THUMPS!
Paco was quite intrigued by what was going on at the ranch. The Jack Russell that lives there (yes, hard to believe- but a Jack Russell terrier named Jimmy actually lives at the ranch across from us!) was running around in the pasture with the cows.

So busy was Paco that he didn't get in line for brushing time!

Boulder took one look at Wasabi in the kitchen this morning and decided to hang outdoors for the day.

Not a bad place to nap.

The foreman worked all day taking apart a very old fence and removing oak limbs around a ton of poison oak, which is why he's wearing a protective jumpsuit!

Of course he had to take breaks to say hi to the donks.

Weegie is so happy with the green grass!
Weegie and his shadow.

Bunny, cat & dogs!

Hanging out under the kitchen table.

Keeping the foreman company while he eats lunch.

From all the books we've been reading, this is a relaxed bunny pose!

Claire was amazed by Wasabi's ability to toss toys!

Checking out the bench.

She loves little towels, and I've discovered that it is a much easier way to pick her up- I use a big kitchen towel and place it over her first.

Wasabi loves Claire!