Monday, October 26, 2009

Wasabi in her "Forever Home" at The Lazy Vegan!

Today marks the third week that we've had Wasabi- and three weeks was long enough to know that we want our home to be her "forever home"! So I called the Humane Society and took her off of the wait list to get onto the adoption list. I spoke with the same man I've talked to before- he's a big bunny fan- and he was a bit disappointed that an English Spot wasn't coming in- he had been looking forward to meeting her and said he had considered adopting her! But it is too late now. Wasabi has definitely charmed all of us. After she gets spayed, she can go to one of the weekly "bunny playground" events at the Humane Society where she can meet other bunnies and socialize! I'm looking forward to that- it should be a hoot! Wasabi also entertained another visitor today- Paul came over and spent some time with her!
She stands up on her hind legs now when I bring her dinner!

Boulder's evening napping spot- smack in front of the computer.

Bravo's unusual resting spot.

Weegie waits for some attention.

We took all the tomato plants out and now will plant some new veggies!

My barn cleaning helpers.

The turks investigate where the foreman took down a fence.

Paul visits Wasabi!

Wasabi had to give the foreman a little kiss.

Showing off her ability to "toy toss".

The corn cob toy is one of her favorites.

Checking out Paul.

This is one little bun who is going to get a lot of attention!