Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clouding Up at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie approves of the cleaned barn with fresh pine shavings!
The weather changed today with the threat of rain. The foreman spent a long time blowing leaves off of the driveway with the leaf blower, so when it does rain they aren't all in a big wet mess on the pavement. I got my new windshield wipers from the dealership for Beetler, and the foreman installed them- so I'm all set for the next rain!
Since the time has changed and there is less daylight for photo-taking, I've decided to try an experiment for the blog. I'm going to switch to "winter hours" and scale down to a twice-a-week blog. I've been thinking of doing this for some time, anyhow, since I do put in quite a bit of time uploading photos (and taking them). Perhaps I'll decide to do a Sunday and a Wednesday blog...not sure what days yet. Of course, I'll make exceptions for holidays and such- and when the time changes back again, I'll probably go back to a daily posting!
Wasabi hung out in the kitchen for a long time today.

I gave her some empty tea boxes to toss around. She LOVES to toss toys!
She did this hilarious spoon tossing while Bravo watched.

Pretty darn fearless around the dog!

Weegie getting a drink!
Sweet grain time!

Whoops- Weegie AGAIN!

I love to watch the cows across the way. The calves are getting big. It is so great that they all get to hang out together.

When I enlarged the above photo, I realized there are THREE calves!

I had to really zoom in to get these, so the quality isn't very good.