Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Equine Vet Pays a Visit, Wasabi Yawns, the Foreman Trims Trees and More at The Lazy Vegan

Donkeys in the mist!
We've had some frosty & misty mornings lately at The Lazy Vegan! The donkeys always stand close to one another when it is cold, and they usually will stand facing opposite directions. The equine vet paid the boys a visit to give them their rabies shots, and Paco was the DRAMA DONKEY extraordinaire once again. It took three men: the vet, the vet's assistant, and the foreman to pin Paco still long enough to get a shot into his smart-ass rump! All the while he was kicking and bucking and throw a huge fit. I wish I had been able to document this, but I was using two hands to keep Luigi still. Luigi was great- in fact, he looked at Paco like he was a bit embarrassed!! The next time the vet comes we have a plan- he'll arrive early and will just hang out with the boys first before getting down to business. The other highlight of the past couple of days was seeing Wasabi stretch and yawn! I didn't get a photo but can't wait until I do- it is quite possibly one of the cutest and most ridiculous sights I've ever seen! She stretched her body way out and lifted her head and formed her little mouth into a perfect circle with her two front teeth sticking out. Hysterical!

Solo helped out with the evening chores. He really seems to enjoy doing that with me. He follows me around.

Morning nap spot!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I found this great vegan turkey! It only takes an hour to heat up. We'll see how it tastes...

Wasabi likes to take breaks while eating her dinner.

Today she just sat for a long time by her water bowl and stared at us!

I found a recipe for WASABI mashed potatoes and tried it out. Yum! Along with the fake chicken pieces, it was very good.
I was pretty amused to come across it in one of my cookbooks.

Now that it gets dark so early, there's lots of lounging going on.
This mason jar box makes a great toy organizer for Wabi!
She is even more comfortable with us now. She hops up when we enter "her" room and does a little head shake- the beginning of a binky!

The foreman is still hard at work clearing away some trees and trimming branches. Here's a view of our house we were never able to see before.

Toby blends in with the house- he went to wait on the terrace when he heard gunshots in the neighborhood (sounded like it was coming from further away- always a distressing noise!).

The birds love hanging out on all the tree debris piles.

Look at all that firewood!

Toby waits for the ball. I love how he puts his paw up.

Afternoon nap spot!

Dr. Kerr tries to win the donkeys over with some sweet grain after their shots.

The vet's assistant. He was here the last time when Paco acted out and broke his lead rope!

I like Dr. Kerr- it bothered him that Paco "didn't seem to like him" so he wants to do things differently next time.

At first, Paco was not buying it!

Oh, the donkey body language!

Dr. Kerr said Paco is getting his permanent teeth in. I had noticed that he had two teeth overlapping- one is a baby tooth that he'll lose. Too cute!
They had tied Paco to a tree to give him his shot. When it was Luigi's turn, they used the metal ring on the barn. Dr. Kerr gave him his shot in the neck instead and it went very quickly. Weegie was a good boy!

Dr. Kerr is ready with the syringe!
Before the vet arrived. Paco KNEW something was up.

"Darn it, Weegie- I know we're not just going for a walk!"

Weegie always makes it difficult to get the harness on.

Running around before the vet arrives.

I just ordered new harnesses for them. You can only get the miniature donkey size online.
I have to stay with them when the harnesses are on, otherwise they bite them on one another!

Weegie got into position at the side of the barn where he thought he wouldn't be noticed!

I can't resist taking a lot of photos when they're all "saddled up". They look so cute.

The foreman showed the boys the new cleared out area, which they appreciated!

No more vet (knock on wood) till April for the donkeys- when they'll be due for more shots!