Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fun Lazy Vegan Weekend with Visiting Family

A fine example of who should drink cow's milk: a calf!!!
At the ranch across the way.

It was a fun Lazy Vegan weekend! Starting on Friday, when I went out to protest at a restaurant serving foie gras again (a very successful outing this time), and then on Saturday, when the entire Tomashefsky crew swept into Sonoma County! We all gathered at Grandma Snap's house and she whipped up a gourmet vegan meal (everything was vegan except for some of the dessert, when the non-vegans ate a bit of ice cream). Also on Saturday we were surprised with a wonderful gift from Tim & Camille- a beautiful outdoor umbrella for our deck! On Sunday morning it was back to Grandma Snap's house for a great home-cooked breakfast and a few rounds of a new game called "Bananagrams". And then it was back home to clean up the house and bring Wasabi down to the kitchen for the day- her big outing!

The foreman continues to do some massive tree clearing.

Ridiculous Paco!

Solo takes it easy.
Wasabi plays with one of her toys.

Checking out the kitchen drawer contents!

I love watching her groom- she does it often.


Serious game players.

It is a fun word game.

Patty poses with Old Snoopy.

Scott in my scarf!

Wasabi has a new little fort. She likes it- the first time she went in it, she did a binky when she came out!

Going after the carrot treat inside the new fort.

Grandma Snap and Aaron. Aaron is wearing my grandpa Frank's jacket, which fits him perfectly. Not, it is not vegan...but it is still special because it once belonged to Grandpa.
Vegan cookies!
Karina and Nick joined us for dinner, which was really fun.

Karina and Nick!
Patty with Grandma Snap's stuffed acorn squash.

Camille & Tim hang out upstairs with Wasabi- they got to see how she gives Randy "kisses" on the top of his head!
Wasabi definitely seemed to remember Tim & Camille and went right up to Tim.

I think Wasabi enjoyed having company!

Boulder wakes up in his new napping spot.

Our surprise gift from Camille & Tim!

The design and colors are perfect for our house & landscaping!

The donkeys head for greener grass.

Boulder alerts me to the fact it is his dinner time!

We like to play around with Wasabi's ears...here she looks like a lop bunny.

One very relaxed bunny. Note the outstretched back legs and unfurled tail.

Snuggling down for the evening ahead.

I couldn't resist snapping away at this trio!

BEHOLD the bunny!!!
Bedtime banana treat time- Wasabi knows when I'm coming with this treat!

Checking in with her "papa".
Not everyone can say they hang out with a rabbit!

More cat & dog snuggling time.

I made this vegan pie to "practice" for my vegan Thanksgiving- and it was great!