Monday, November 2, 2009

Hanging Out in the Pasture on a Beautiful Early Evening at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder was especially sleepy today because he was up a lot last night due to the full moon. At one point- actually, at 2:00 a.m., he made so much noise scratching at the door to be let out that he woke up the dogs and Bravo started to whine and then Wasabi let it be known that she wasn't too happy with the disturbance by THUMPING incredibly loudly three times in a row! Even in the wee hours of the morning, I found it all pretty amusing. We spent a nice early evening with the donkeys and dogs in the pasture- on days like this it is hard to believe we're heading into the rainy season!
Wasabi settles in to watch the World Series with the foreman.
Swinging so fast that I'm a blur...sort of!
Everyone was out and about.

Things have dried up enough to make for some great dust bath spots!

LOVE Luigi's pose!

It must feel good to take a dust bath- they certainly take a lot of them.

Paco's noble profile.

What a goof!

The dogs love it when we're all out in the pasture together.

The foreman and Weegie.

Paco kept striking this pose!

And I don't know what was up with the silly grins!

Then it was time for his dust bath.

Wrestling with a donkey is not as easy as it may appear.

It is always great to spend time with the donks!

Paco especially likes his head rubs.
Getting a kiss!