Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving at The Lazy Vegan!

Hawthorn, the Farm Sanctuary turkey we "adopted" for Thankgiving was the special guest of honor for the day!
Even though the wild turkeys didn't show up for their free meal today, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving at The Lazy Vegan! And there are plenty of leftovers to share with the turkeys tomorrow. I was happy with the timing of all the food- since this was my first Thanksgiving ever that I actually cooked everything (with the exception of a great green bean dish Snap made, and a beautiful salad that Karina whipped together). Now I have to finish this posting so I can go get another piece of tofu pumpkin pie! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Viola!!! The vegan turkey straight out of the oven! It was actually very good!

Solo gets extra attention from Karina.

Wasabi with Anthony. Wasabi handled the crowd of guests very well.

She showed off her toy tossing ability and then munched away on a box.
Aaron and Wasabi!

Drew & Anth play badminton with Uncle Randy (and Toby).

It was great it wasn't raining.
Wasabi was very comfortable hanging out with Aaron!

Playing ping pong.

Getting ready for dessert! I made four pumpkin pies and an apple-ginger cake.

Watching the game while visiting Wasabi.

A Thanksgiving gift from Grandma Snap! A wonderful book with drawings.

The vegan turkey!

We all fit at one table for a change, which was nice.

I have to say that the food was all delicious!

The vegan turkey carver.

Snap displays one of the beautiful donkey wineglasses that my aunt Barbara & Uncle Neil gave us!Waiting in the food line.

The vegan turkey was stuffed with a himalayan barley rice stuffing.

The table is ready!

Karina's beautiful salad!

I may not be Martha Stewart, but I was pleased with the centerpiece. Karina added some perfect finishing touches.

The donkeys got a surprise turkey visit yesterday!

Getting into the holiday spirit!

I love the color of cranberries.

Making the dressing.