Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a Brief Tuesday Blog Posting

Bravo waits patiently at the bottom of stairs for me (while I'm upstairs with Wasabi!).

Just a brief blog posting today...now that it gets dark so early, it is hard to take as many daylight photos! It was another warm & beautiful day and the donkeys enjoyed running around and taking dust baths. Wasabi hung out upstairs all day- she's so relaxed now that sometimes when we come upstairs, she remains in her sprawled out "super relaxed" bunny position with her back legs stretched out behind her and her tail uncurled. One of my exciting events of the day was trying to get new windshield wipers for Beetler- I bought a pair at Kragon Auto, and the foreman was unable to install them- so I returned them, where two clerks then tried to install them and were also unsuccessful! Either the blades are defective or the Beetler takes some special kind of blades...I'll go to the dealership next!

Boulder relaxes near the rooster.

Carrot treat time for Wasabi!

She's been here 4 weeks and one day now, and you can see that things are pretty darn comfortable!

My adoption certificate for "Hawthorn", a turkey living at Farm Sanctuary, arrived today. He'll be the guest of honor (on paper only) at our vegan Thanksgiving!
I fear that this little fawn might be orphaned. I keep seeing him or her always alone.

Wasabi's "report" arrived from the rabbit specialist vet today...it is pretty funny seeing her full name in print: Wasabi Rousseau!

Morning lounging.

Weegie rests while Paco gets into hee-haw position- he's been firing off the hee-haws lately!