Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sunday Edition of the Blog at The Lazy Vegan

What a wonderful day to lounge! Everyone was out and about soaking up the sun! The foreman did tree-trimming and I made more signs for the foie gras protest at a restaurant- I'll be heading back out there tonight. Wasabi decided she wanted to remain upstairs for the day, where she has access to the sunny balcony and can relax on a blanket on the futon and have the room to herself. The donkeys ran around and then took a morning nap. Tomorrow the vet comes for their shots...hopefully that will go smoothly!
Everyone came out on the terrace.

Boulder had the prime seat!

Bravo and Toby plan their day.

I love Boulder's expression here!

Naturally Bravo always hogs the chair.

Meanwhile, there was lounging going on down by the barn.

A pamphlet put out by In Defense of Animals exposing the cruelty of foie gras. We had plenty of these to pass out at the demonstration last night. Some people were shocked by the photos. As was the case during the Prop. 2 campaign, I think many people are just unaware that these horrible things go on.

Karina went with me, which was great!! The restaurant that we were supposed to be waving signs in front of took foie gras off their menu the day before (obviously they caught wind of the upcoming protest), so we went to another fancy restaurant that still serves foie gras.

At one point the chefs came out to take photos. Not sure what was up with that!

I made three identical signs.

Foie gras has been banned in 15 nations and will be illegal in California in 2012. So the fact that some restaurants still make the choice to serve it, when they know it was banned in 2004 (effective 2012) is really shameful, I think.

From the other day- a deer stopped by for a visit.

WHOA! Wasabi's new harness and leash! This won't be happening any time soon- we'll take it very slowly.

She's shedding like mad lately so I bought her a special bunny brush.

The farrier came on Friday and it went o.k.- except for Paco being the typical "drama donkey"!

He had bolted into the barn and wasn't coming out willingly!

Weegie was a good boy. They both got treats afterwards. This was the first time we had to deal with a farrier visit in the rain- not much fun!

The turkeys keep coming around- I think they're picking out their seats for the vegan Thanksgiving in a few weeks!