Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking Down Dead Trees, False Bunny Pregnancy, Toby's Trip to the Vet and Assorted Other Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder steps out.

It has been quite the holiday week! Thanksgiving was wonderful and the turkeys showed up the next day, but by the time I saw them it was too late to rush out a plate of leftovers to them. Early in the week Toby went to the vet to have his broken toenail removed and came home with a cute little bandage that I had to wrap in plastic every time he went outside. And in rather wacky news, I went upstairs early one morning to feed Wasabi and visit her- and I discovered that she had pulled lots of her fur out from her dewlap (the dewlap is that funny thing of fluffy around her neck) AND she had lined a little bed with hay and the fur...apparently bunnies that aren't spayed and aren't really pregnant can have "false pregnancies", which seems to be exactly what she was going through! She had carried lots of hay from her litterbox across the room to where the little bed was and did a perfect job lining the bed. It is a little sad, since she'll never have babies (but good for the rabbit overpopulation!) and I'm really happy that she'll be spayed next week. Hopefully that will put an end to the false pregnancies!
The "where's-my-dinner?" stare from Boulder!

Fun and games with the sweet grain pan.

After toiling in the fields for a long day, the donks head wearily back to the corral for their modest snack of sweet grain.

See how exhausted they look from all their hard labor!
Queen of the kitchen.

Hanging out with Claire and the foreman.

Bravo gets snuggled!

Claire and Wabi.

Bit by bit, Bravo & Wasabi make their introductions.

The donkeys were fascinated when the foreman had to remove a dead pine tree in their corral.

They got to snack on the pine needles for a bit.

The canine patient rests up after coming home from the vet. It took him a long time to come out of the sedation!

Very frosty morning.

Nowhere to be seen on Thanksgiving, the turks arrived the next day.

Little Miss Wabi is very comfortable in the kitchen. She has quite a routine down- when I'm home she can hang out in the kitchen during the day, and then back to her "warren" upstairs at night or when I'm not home.

Loves her salads!

That's the new Cottontail Cottage she's lounging by!

Relaxing upstairs.

Beautiful horse across the way.

Wasabi used to hop up the minute we entered her room. Now she'll continue to relax and might just move an ear or two.
The foie gras signs I ordered from In Defense of Animals arrived and I glued them onto foam board, ready for the next protest.

Bravo can't figure out what all the signs are for- but I know he'd love to go with me!

The Cottontail Cottage! Luckily the day it arrived Karina came over and she assembled it!

Karina also came with her new electric guitar!

The pups assisted Karina while putting together the Cottontail Cottage.