Wednesday, November 11, 2009

'Tis the Season for Lounging at The Lazy Vegan

There's been a LOT of lounging spotted going on at The Lazy Vegan in the past week by the animal crew! Early this evening I spent a long time looking for Boulder- walking around the property, calling his name. I was starting to really worry when I suddenly saw his ears pop up from a planter on the terrace! He'd been napping and when his head was down he couldn't be seen at all. He's also taken lately to nabbing one of the prime napping spots on the couch in the living room, which is typically the dog spot. With rain forecast for later tonight, I'm glad everyone is in such a lounging mood- that way Paco and Luigi won't mind hanging out in the barn so much!
Funny Boulder!

The donkeys strike a pose!

There's nothing quite like a DOUBLE stare down to let you know that it is dinner time NOW!

Both of the donks are growing a thicker coat- I always notice it first on the top of their head.

I sure hope the turkeys remember to come by on Thanksgiving!

While the foreman checked in on tennis, Wasabi had a little snack.

I love how everything is turning up green!

It was time for fly spray. Weegie won't let me spray it right on him, so I have to get a towel wet with it first.

It is always easy to put fly spray on Paco. And since it works right away, I think he appreciates the fact that the flies fly off!

Heading in for sweet grain. I love how their hooves (hoofs?) all line up.
The noon time stare down behind Boulder!

Lounging in the living room.

Wasabi spent a long time in the kitchen again. She was running around in circles and had a grand old time and even sniffed noses with Bravo through the gate!
She had a lot of fun with an empty box and towel.

She'll be just sitting and staring for a moment and then will HOP off! Note the HUGE back feet as she hops under the kitchen table!

Taking a rest between meals!

Another fun thing about the kitchen is hopping over the bottom of the bench.
She is such a kick. We're having so much fun hanging out with her. She loves to give kisses now!

Little old Solo spends a lot of time in his bed. But he also really enjoys his wandering time.

Boulder didn't realize he'd end up having to share his spot on the couch!

He put his paw in striking position just in case...

He had to deal with this ridiculous dog toy, too!

Wasabi wakes up!
Serious loungers!

More anti foie gras signs...I went out again on Sunday and will be protesting again on Friday evening. Too bad Bravo can't come along to help!