Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wasabi Chomps a Big Hole into the Futon, More Foie Gras Protesting, A Visit from Friends & the Cottontail Cottage at The Lazy Vegan

The solution for the chewing- bunny: the Cottontail Cottage! Where bunnies can hang out and chew all day long! I ordered it online for Wasabi...can't wait till it arrives!
When you look at the photo above of this sleepy little bun, one would never think that she would be capable of tearing into a piece of furniture! But tear she did...rather, she CHOMPED a big hole in the beautiful orange futon that we've had for not quite a year. But no worries!! Here at The Lazy, where the animals come first, we had an easy solution: the futon went into the cabin to take the place of the old loveseat we had put out there a few months ago. Alas, the old loveseat is NOT vegan, and I had been happy to have it removed from the main house- so it will eventually be replaced with a vegan-friendly couch that is also Wasabi-proof! In other news from the past few days, the anti-foie gras protests continue, and last night it was pretty animated. There were only four of us, but two in the group became very vocal with shouting out "No Foie Gras" chants over and over again. This certainly drew a lot of attention to our cause, and we were able to pass out even more brochures. I hope the restaurant wises up and removes it from their menu...I have a feeling things are just going to escalate in the protest department until they do! At home today I was able to apply some of my newly acquired animal first aid skills to tend to a broken toenail on poor Toby. I clipped it as short as I could (this is no easy task, as anyone who has trimmed dog toenails already knows) and put some warm compresses on it. He now can bear weight on it but if he's still limping by tomorrow I'll have to take him to the vet. Next we have to learn how to trim Wasabi's nails. One website suggests "putting the rabbit into a trance first (by rubbing his/her belly) and then proceed to trim nails...just make sure the bunny doesn't wake up in the middle of it!". I think we'll let the vet do this the first few times!

After quite a bit of rain, the sun came out and Boulder enjoyed a long, long nap.

The hole Wasabi "created" in the futon!

We put a pillow in front of the hole until I try to sew it. It actually looks nice in the cabin.

Wasabi playing "peek-a-boo"!

Soaking up the morning sun.

VERY relaxed Paco.

Hugs from the foreman!

Shawn & Lise came by just in time to give the donkeys their carrots!

The donkeys were happy to see them!

Wasabi was fascinated with this box. When she first sees a new item, she will rub her chin on it- this is, apparently, what rabbits do to mark their scent- it is called "chinning"!

What a face!

These nylon tents have to go- she's actually chewing them to little pieces and might be eating some of it.

Waiting for the dogs to come say hi!

This is one brave bunny.

Wabi loves to hear the foreman practice his harmonica.

Banana treat time- she has been stretching out and "walking" on her hind legs for her treat!

Playing before the rain comes back.

Lounging & playing in the kitchen...this blog posting is heavy on the Wasabi photos, but it is hard to resist taking photos of the bunny - especially when she's in your kitchen!