Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Blankets for the Bunny-Wabbit Wasabi at The Lazy Vegan

In anticipation of Wasabi's surgery this Friday (when she gets spayed), I bought her a package of four little adorable flannel baby blankets...and it turns out she LOVES them! REALLY loves them! They're much softer than the towels she's been snuggling with. As soon as I wrapped her up in one, she quieted down and zoned out on the couch for the longest time ever. Certain blog readers (such as Grandma Snap) might recall the "stroller series" photos when you view the "blanket series" of photos here to follow. One of the websites I visited suggested tape recording your voice for your rabbit to hear during surgery. I briefly thought about doing this, but then I realized that it would consist of the nonsense babble that the foreman and I have taken to doing ever since a "bunny wabbit" entered our lives: "Hi, litle binky girl! How's our bunny-wunny doing? How's the little bun? Oh, the little bun-bun! There's the bunky-wunky! Binky-girl! What a good little wabbit you are! The best little bunny ever! Wabs!" ETC. I can't imagine the vet playing a tape like that. Could be just a tad distracting! So we'll think good thoughts instead while Wasabi is on the operating table!
Pure contentment!

Quality snuggle time with the foreman.

Since she'll have to be resting a lot after surgery, I wanted special blankies for her to rest on!

To think this little bun was once in an outdoor cage with NO bedding...

The blankies are also great to play with!
Getting a kiss!

I picked out some pretty hip looking baby blankets!

O.K., enough already!

A tense situation (not really) with the bone that Toby has on the couch and Bravo wants while Boulder looks on.

Poor Toby. He always gives up the bone but then I sneak him a better one!

That's a heated up bean bag that Boulder is snuggled up to.

Frosty mornings and chilly nights lately!

Boulder posed from some outdoor pictures.

Our winter garden is starting to produce!

Paco gets up from a long dust bath.

I love it when the donkeys sit like this!

In a halo of dust.

Weegie waits patiently for carrots.

The boys are really getting a heavy warm coat!

Happy Second Day of December!