Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Countdown, Karina Graduates from College and More at The Lazy Vegan

Bravo gets into the Christmas spirit by briefly wearing a garland with bells!

CONGRATULATIONS to Karina for graduating from college!!! We'll have a little celebration for her soon...I still remember taking her to her first day of school- it has been a long journey and we're very proud of her!
It is the countdown to Christmas here at The Lazy Vegan! The animals are all excited to see what might appear under the tiny rosemary-bush-Christmas-tree for them on Christmas morning! (I better get going with a bit of shopping!). I did buy a Christmas runner for our table today, which brings the tally of my Christmas decorations up to four...it is a simple decor this year! Unless you count the foreman in his white paper jumpsuit that he has been wearing while tackling some poison oak...he looks a bit like a Christmas snowman walking around! Soon the holiday will be here and we're looking forward to celebrating our first one with Wasabi and the rest of the crew!

Once Bravo gave me "the look", I knew it was time for the bells to come off of his neck.

The foreman, a.k.a. the Christmas snowman!

Beetler has been making an odd buzzing sound now and then, so I popped the hood to investigate. For some reason the foreman thought this was hilarious.

Well, it is true that I haven't a clue what's going on with the engine...but it didn't hurt to take a look!

Getting special bunny kisses!

She is very generous with her affection, our little bun!

So excited at dinner time with her kale, romaine lettuce, basil, dill, mint, parsley and cilantro!

She usually goes for the parsley first.

"Standing" patiently while I hold her plate!

EXCITING NEWS: Karina graduated from S.S.U. and did an impromptu "open mike" performance at a local restaurant/pub- she did an amazing job singing two songs that she wrote! We're very proud of her for both graduating and singing!

Grandma Snap sent the entire Lazy Vegan crew a singing Christmas card with dogs "barking" a song...it was pretty funny to see the reactions of our pups! Solo immediately vacated his bed when the card appeared.

Bravo was ready to attack the card!

Toby seemed to like listening to the music.

I wonder if they think there are small dogs in the card!

The donks have been in good moods lately.

Paco always manages to find things amusing.

Poor Luigi has to put up with his ridiculous jokes!

Sometimes I think they just wonder what in the heck I'm up to.

A family of deer keep coming around in the evening.

If you double click on the above photo you'll see their eyes!

Boulder dreams of a white Christmas while napping on our white bedspread!