Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Rabbit Recuperates, Snow Falls for Three Minutes & the World's Smallest Christmas Tree at The Lazy Vegan

'Tis the season for some Christmas decorating...which at The Lazy Vegan is pretty darn easy! Starting with a rosemary bush for a Christmas tree that the foreman picked up from Home Depot. After the holiday we'll plant it. Never mind that it appears to be the world's smallest Christmas tree...after slapping on some pretty lights and putting it on a stand to look taller, it is just fine! Then I took Santa out of storage and voila - my Christmas decorating is essentially done! We had a pretty exciting event here two days ago when it actually snowed for about three minutes. I raced outside to confirm that the little white dots falling from the sky were actually snowflakes (although they melted the minute they touched the ground). It has been FREEZING here lately, literally- the water in the donkeys' buckets are frozen over each morning. We're very happy to report that little Wasabi has been healing wonderfully from her spay operation. She now has a ridiculous appetite. She's eating huge salads along with all the hay she wants and her special rabbit pellets for breakfast, and she's back to doing semi binkies and playing with her toys! Definitely is on the mend, which is a big relief. We sure are attached to this little bun. And to the entire animal crew at The Lazy Vegan!

The world's smallest Christmas tree sits on top of a stand to make it appear bigger.

Wasabi chomps on some kale. It is so funny to watch this- she can make a plate of salad disappear very quickly! We should all eat as much greens as she does.

Yum, yum, yum. Kale, dill, basil, romaine lettuce and a sprig of mint!

Yesterday we thought it was so cute when she was spending a long time chomping away at something inside of her cottontail cottage. Then we realized that she was actually not in the cottage but behind it, and chewing happily away at the baseboard!

I feel so sorry for the donks when it is so cold. But they actually don't seem to mind it (aside from the frozen water). When I went out to feed them at 4:30 a.m., they were even sleeping outside the barn right next to one another- and they felt warm! Lots of donkey body heat.

I don't know what this stare down is all about. They already had their treats. Maybe I looked funny, or was annoying them!

Paco gets a drink after I remove the ice!

Aerial view of lounging pups.
I think Wasabi is gaining her weight back. She got quite thin after the surgery.

Keeping clean!

She seems to like her bunny toy, although once I saw her push it into a corner.


Boulder is rarely seen off of this heating pad lately.

He doesn't mind sharing it with Bravo and Toby!