Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain at The Lazy Vegan

Paco checks out my shoes during a break in the rain.

It has been a stormy weekend at The Lazy Vegan. The donks spent most of their time in the barn. I wish I could go out there and play Monopoly or something with them to keep them company! I do go out and sing to them, and they seem to enjoy that. The rest of us hunkered down inside the house and the foreman spent quite a bit of time in the cabin, a.k.a. "the music studio", working on this harmonica & guitar playing. Wasabi relaxed upstairs...she has a new game of zooming in and out of the closed curtain at night time and it is pretty amusing to watch! During the day, though, I have to flip the ends of the curtains up high so she doesn't get any chewing ideas!

Solo sings while the foreman plays!
Solo always howls in the right spots.

Getting out to play when the rain stops.


A cool new thermometer that my aunt Barbara & uncle Neil sent...the perfect touch for The Lazy Vegan!

The foreman got the task of putting it all together!

Wasabi will get the big box it came in- I'm going to make doors & windows in it first.
A lot of reading, playing music, eating and lounging this weekend!

Bravo checks the weather.

The turkeys came for a visit in the rain.

When we put the heat on in the evening, the pups always rush to one of the vents!

Playing guitar and the harmonica at the same time!

That's Boulder on the big chair. He barely moved all weekend!

Wasabi does a flop!
She sometimes rolls over- it is so hilarious looking. Check out the front paw covering her mouth! You can see that her fur is growing back on her belly, too.

I was too slow to capture the whole thing, but this photo above shows the end of a "binky". Her back legs are completely up in the air!

For the first time ever, she went up to the roof of her cottontail cottage- but I didn't see it. The foreman did.

I worked on a Shutterfly photo book this weekend and in the process found some old photos...so here they are!
This was Boulder on Valentine's grave.

The early days with Paco & Toby.

And I had somehow blanked out the fact we once had roosters!

Winston & Boulder.

Paco, two days old with his REAL mama!