Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wasabi gets Spayed, the Donkeys Lounge, a Visit from Paul and the Foreman Finds an Old Key at The Lazy Vegan!

It has been a busy week at The Lazy Vegan...little Wasabi (a.k.a. "Bun-Bun", "Wabs", "Binky" and more) bravely endured getting spayed on Friday. We were unprepared for how intense the recovery time would be! She seemed to be in a lot of pain on Friday night and didn't eat anything. Eating is critical with a bunny- their digestive system can shut down if they don't have something going on in their tummy! Finally within 24 hours she ate - really just nibbled, everything hand-fed - and seemed to slowly improve after that. It is not much fun giving her the pain medication via a syringe in the mouth! She'll be on meds for ten days and hopefully by the end of that time will be feeling back to normal. We had nice visit from Paul today while the foreman burned yet another big pile. And, big excitement: the foreman found what looks to be a very old key in the ground by the old cabin! Could it be a key to hidden treasure at The Lazy Vegan? If we ever uncover an old trunk we'll have to see if the key fits!
I love finding old things!

Paul and Bravo.

Paul checks in with Wasabi.

Double pets!

The foreman tends to his fire.

Reaching for the lemonade while pretending to be in danger!

Reassuring the donkeys that the fire is staying in one place!
Can you spot the bun?

Ever since she was spayed she's taken to sleeping in her litterbox. Hopefully that's not a trend that will last.

Now, the average blog reader might not think this is so cute, but I do...the tiny little poop that Wasabi left right there in front of her "baby" bunny!

OUCH!!! Wasabi's belly.

Feeling pretty good after some painkillers.

Everything where she can reach it: the hay, the water, the greens/veggies & her pellets!

I only took one photo the night we picked up Wasabi at the vet- and that's of the foreman looking concerned! A minute later a vet tech brought Wabs in and gave us a lesson in how to give her medicine!
The donkeys spent a long time lounging today, which is good- because rain is on the way!

I think Weegie was ready for Paco to get up to play!

"Hey, Ma...how's this pose?"

"Be sure to get my profile!"

Paco is such a ham!

Sweet Luigi.

They stay like this for over an hour sometimes.

This is the day before the operation...she was snuggling down with her new bunny toy and nice flannel blankies!

I love this toy- it is made just for rabbits out of organic cotton!

The foreman's new exercise kick- stretching bands for stretching!

The pups were pretty intrigued!