Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Caught Up at The Lazy Vegan

Since I haven't had much time for the blog lately, I decided to get caught up with some photos from Christmas still and from the past week. I held the 2nd annual "Lazy Vegan" awards at the beach house during the holidays and Obama showed up to be my assistant- very nice of him! Wasabi has been helping me arrange the closet upstairs...she is a huge help! She especially loves to get into corners where she shouldn't be. The donkeys are heading into the new year with a new routine of hee-hawing LOUDLY when I am literally four minutes late with carrots/sweet grain/breakfast/dinner!! Paco's hee-haw is getting more mature sounding but thankfully Luigi still has a whisper of one! I think they need more to do so they're not so aware of the feeding schedule!
Wasabi checks out some wrapping paper.
Wasabi's new "ton of fun bun run" tunnel...she loves it- it really IS a ton of fun!

On a sunny day a week or more ago, hanging out on the terrace.

And hanging out in the corral with the donkeys!

Wasabi has been very interested in "renovating" her cottontail cottage. She has quite a few new chomping marks and has done some rearranging to the doors.

This is one VERY relaxed little bun.

Time for some hay!

With Obama as my assistant at the 2nd annual Lazy Vegan awards!

Passing out the usual silly "awards".

Posing with Obama!