Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 and Claire Turns 21 at The Lazy Vegan

Happy New Year!!!
New Year's Day was gray & rainy...but we still managed to have a cheerful celebration! All the animals don't care what day it is...they think every day is worth celebrating! Yesterday Claire turned 21, which is definitely cause for celebration- and on a "blue moon", too! Wasabi loves to check out the smells on my shoes. No doubt there are MANY smells, especially when I come back from the barn!

Paco's present to me on New Year's Day was to spend a few minutes "sitting" in this hilarious donkey style that I ADORE!

Some neighbors walking by thought he looked pretty funny, too. He didn't budge! Perhaps he's reflecting on the new year.

Weegie was ready to get a move on, especially after I announced that it was sweet grain time!

Luigi definitely knows what "sweet grain" means!

The beautiful birthday girl!

I hope she remembered to make a wish!

I baked the vegan cake- vanilla cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting that turned out to be nearly as hard as cement (although it still tasted good!).

Grandma Snap and Toby.

It is hard to believe that Claire is twenty-one!

Looking over her memory book...

Testing out the vintage beater!

A flip camera...I might have to get one of these for my birthday, too!

Funny yoga p.j.s from Grandma Snap.

The dogs love a party!

Judith meets Wasabi!

Randy, Paul & Lindsey shower Wabs with love!

Happy 2010- it is going to be a great year!!!