Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reading to the Donkeys & More at The Lazy Vegan

The foreman took the book we got from his sister out to the pasture the other day and it was a big hit with the donkeys. Of course, it helped that the title is "Donkey" and there are lots of photos of creatures that look exactly like Paco & Luigi! That definitely held their attention. A few days ago Dad & Deb came for a final animal visit, and everyone was happy to see them! Now it is back to normal after the holidays (whatever "back to normal" means...things are never really "normal" at The Lazy Vegan!).

What a riveting read!

The boys really appreciated the foreman sharing the book with them.
Weegie was so happy he decided to give the foreman a little kiss!

Deb snuggles with Boulder!
Dad hangs out with Wasabi!

Deb plays with Wasabi!

Wasabi eyes her grandparents!

Dad & Paco.

Charming Paco.

The donkeys love all the attention!

Weegie actually took a carrot from Deb, which is unheard of- he's very particular about taking carrots from people's hands!

Paco hams it up.

Paco gets a carrot from his grandpa!