Sunday, January 31, 2010

Turning 45 at The Lazy Vegan!!

The donkeys are both coming up on their THIRD birthdays! So they have a ways to go before they catch up with me.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! Turning 45 was fun! Snap had a great little birthday celebration for me at her house, complete with vegan cupcakes that she's been perfecting for the past few weeks. These were chocolate cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting and they were AWESOME! I ate more than I'm willing to confess, but since I was the birthday girl, it is o.k.! The foreman gave me a nifty FLIP video camera- check out the video of Wasabi at the bottom of this posting! Relatives & friends were way too generous with their gifts...but I accepted. Heck, you don't turn 45 every day!
Relaxing before we went to see a movie on my b-day. We saw "Avatar" and I only cared for the first 30 minutes of it. It was way too long. The 3-D glasses were kind of fun, though.
Posing with my birthday bouquet from my aunt Barbara & uncle Neil!
Even the foreman got to pose with my birthday bouquet!

Somebody STOLE the raspberries from some of the cupcakes!

Hanging out in Snap's cozy living room.

Showing off my beautiful sand dollar fossil necklace from Karina & Nick!

A cool book from Claire (and a pretty sunflower pendant - the photo didn't come out of that!).

A CD from Paul & Lindsey...music to "calm your canine companion"! Definitely will be put to good use around here.

One of the gifts from Snap was this huge vegan cookbook!

Blowing out my three candles...which happened to be shaped like cupcakes!

I like cupcakes v.s. a cake! Don't know why the foreman was making such a funny face in the background.

Yum, yum, yum.

Snap used toothpicks to keep the raspberries on!

As of this writing, every single cupcake I took home with me is now gone. They were great!

What a display of vegan cupcakes!

Andree made these great lounging pants for me...now when I lounge (need to do more of that!), I'll do so in style!

Wasabi on the FLIP video!