Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Paco and Happy Valentine's Day at The Lazy Vegan!

It is amazing how fast a week goes when you're having fun! We had a busy week at The Lazy Vegan with yet another birthday (Paco turned three!) , the Winter Olympics, and, of course, Valentine's Day! The daffodils are blooming everywhere and it was great to have some sunny days back. I'm still waiting for the corral to dry out. I have to wear my muck boots when I visit the donkeys. Luckily, they don't seem to mind the mud and they do have a lot of dry areas to hang out in. Karina came for a visit and Wasabi loved being around her, especially when she was eating an apple! One of the highlights of the week was when a group of young girls from down the road came to visit the donkeys. They were also selling flowers for Valentine's Day, and they told us that the money was being donated to Haiti. One of them was celebrating her birthday today, too- and she was happy to know that it was also a donkey's birthday! Happy Valentine's Day to one and to all!
A beautiful rose from the bouquet that the foreman gave me!

Paco poses in his birthday hat! He is such a good sport. He lets me carefully rearrange his ears so the hat would stay on. He stands perfectly still and then actually seems to really pose for the photos! Naturally he got some carrot treats afterwards.

First I always let the donkeys check out a new item that comes into their space.

Weegie took one look and headed for the side of the barn.

The birthday donkey eats some carrot treats!
What a good boy- and now three years old!

Wasabi watched some of the Winter Olympics from one of her cottages.

The boys get attention from the girls down the road.

The swing was a big hit, too!
I'm sure Paco thought they were all coming to see him because it was his birthday!
Beautiful sunny day.

Karina got caught up on her snuggle time with the pups!
And with Boulder.

The animals all love the extra attention.
Wasabi with a new cardboard toy. Got to keep those new toys coming!

Whoa...my new vegan boot collection!!! Thanks to Dad & Deb for my birthday check...I found all of these vegan boots on sale and snatched them up. Now I'll be stylin'!! And another thank you to Patty for my gift certificate to Land's End, which I used for this awesome raincoat and matching hat! I'm all set for more rain!